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Berpais Building Materials (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. under Berpais Group, please refer to the annual acad

On September 17, 2019, the industrial architecture branch of the Chinese architectural society was held in Changchun, a beautiful emerging city. Mr. Teng mingchao, director of north district operations of Berpais building materials (Hangzhou) co., ltd., was invited to lead the team and delivered a keynote speech on the application of steel fiber in industrial architecture.

Important guests attending the conference included Mr. Fu Shaohui, chief architect of China Aviation Planning and Construction Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Yong, chief architect of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., chief architect of northeast region of Ariyundong Computing Co., Ltd., and expert of enterprise digital transformation. Mr. Georg Pichler, partner of Germany HENN Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Muwei, chief architect of MMI Planning & Engineering Institute IX Co., Ltd., and other performance experts all made relevant keynote speeches and actively discussed. The academic meeting has played a positive role in promoting the development of industrial buildings and the development mode of industrial buildings in the future.

Berpais has always been committed to promoting the healthy development of the industry and related industries. Through the upgrading of its own technology and products, Berpais is making products that are environmentally friendly and have social benefits. !

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